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Heat staking machine

Heat Staking machine

INR 100

Heat staking machines are beneficial when joining two parts that consist of different material which cannot normally be ultrasonically welded. It includes Riv-ate formation of plastic part for permanent Locking of two plastic parts . application like logos of products on plastic parts, pcb plates on plastic structure,male female parts joining without screwing , Toy parts assembly , Images Shown Automotive plastic parts welding Like logo tail gate heat staking, front & rear lamp assembly heat staking, bumper with grill heat staking , Applique heat staking , logo , ribs welding with grills, front door heat staking, spoiler heat staking machine , & many more application Various shape can achieve for proper bonding of two parts . Benefits Cost effective Short Cycle Times Tight Assemblies Excellent repeatability and process control Elimination of mechanical fasteners and adhesives Applications Thermal press applications include heat staking, inserting, embossing, Automotive industry for door panels, map pockets, light-pipe staking, consoles, arm rests and switch clusters. Medical applications include blood-processing equipment, chemical pumps, fittings, flow meters, IV drug delivery and surgical instruments. Consumer Product applications include personal computers, portable telephones, laser printers, copy machines, video games, speakers and appliance components. Industrial applications include conveyor systems, gears, pulleys, couplings, and motor housings. Thermal presses are also used in Toy Manufacturing and the Sporting Goods industry The goal of a heat stake is to reform a plastic stud or protrusion over a mating component to lock it into place. We will provide you an customized solution for your products which will defiantly help you in your assembly process and productivity FOR MORE INFO VISIT http://www.vimalgroup.co.in/index.php/heat-staking. RAHUL PATIL (07875509999} http://www.vimalgroup.co.in/ Vimal Industrial System Sr No 36/1/3/3 , Narhe -Ambegaon Road Narhe Industrial Area, Nare Gaon Tal Haveli Pune:- 411 041 Ph :- 020-65222253

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