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Hot plate welding is the process of joining two parts of a plastic component using a heated plate.Hot plate welding, also known as a mirror, platen, or butt welding, is used for welding injection-molded components, for example in automotive applications, and extensively in joining plastic Plastic welding using hot plate method involves three sequential stages namely surface preparation, application of heat and pressure, cooling. The parts to be welded are pressed on a preheated plate for a predefined time for sufficient plastic material to melt. Then the heated plate is withdrawn and the slightly melted surface of two parts is pressed together to form a joint. Plastic welding using hot plate welding is useful where plastic parts have complex geometries, like curved surfaces and internal walls or any irregular shapes. This process is employed where both high strength joints and hermetic seals are required. Typically hot plate plastic welding is employed where cost-effective strong seals are required like fuel tanks, liquid reservoirs, tail light lenses, vent ducts, batteries etc. This process requires precision with regards to temperature setting and requires precise surface matching for the joint to form. The hot plate welding process is ideally suited for complex three-dimensional joint surfaces. How hot plate works? Vimal Industrial System Provides You Best Solution for hot plate welding as hot plate welding is a process of welding of two hallow component with the specific material property. and desired size and shape. Vimal industrial system provided the solution of hot plate welding these are machine customized manufactured for a component, to be weld it required specific designs and shapes for welding area as well as material properties, for specific quires regarding hot plate welding machine Vimal industrial system is with you as a solution provider for your plastic welding application . Kindly contact Vimalsonic

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