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Poka-yoke setup Manufacturer VimalSonic Poka-yoke is based on prediction and detection. That is, recognizing that a defect is about to occur or recognizing that a defect has occurred. Consequently, there are two basic types of poka-yoke systems. The control poka-yoke does not allow a process to begin or continue after an error has occurred. It takes the response to a specific type of error out of the hands of the operator Our Offerings Checking systems to ensure all component is present or not before dispatch. Checking of all components to ensure proper locations & Orientations. 1} Checking of components with Base Material & Colors. 2}LED Displays that monitor presence/absence of child components in the final assembly. 3} Operations with Two hand Safety. 4} Interlock for sequence wise assembly of operator To avoid component rejections. 5} OK / NOT OK Dot / Hot punch for the passed component. 6} Component tracking system with barcode and/or color stickers Detection Method Work Upon:- Sub Assembly Like NVH Pads, Metal Clips , Riv-ate, Foams, colours of component on subassembly , Sizes of component , Area of Assembly , Assembly sequence of Component to avoid Rejection , All component presence , cycle time of assembly , Error detection at end of the cycle , Height & final marking on component of verification . poka-yoke benefits:- 1} Elimination of set-up errors and improved quality 2} Decreased set-up times with associated reduction in production time and improved production capacity. 3} Simplified and improved housekeeping.increased safety 4} Lower costs 5} Lower skill requirements 6} Increased production flexibility 7} Improved operator attitudes. FOR DETAILS PLEASE VISIT:- http://www.vimalgroup.co.in/index.php/poka-yoke-set-ups Best Regards, RAHUL PATIL (07875509999} info@vimalgroup.co.in http://www.vimalgroup.co.in/ Vimal Industrial System Sr No 36/1/3/3 , Narhe -Ambegaon Road Narhe Industrial Area, Nare Gaon Tal Haveli Pune:- 411 041 Ph :- 7875509999

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