Poka Yoke Setup

Our Offerings Checking systems to ensure all component are present or not before dispatch. Checking of all components to ensure proper locations & Orientations. 1} Checking of components with Base Material & Colors. 2}LED Displays that monitor presence/absence of child components in final assembly. 3} Operations with Two hand Safety. 4} Interlock for sequence wise assembly of operator To avoid component rejections. 5} OK / NOT OK Dot / Hot punch for passed component. 6} Component tracking system with bar code and/or color stickers OVERCOME GIVES INDUSTRY :- Today, this concept is in wide use in Japan. Toyota Motor Corporation, whose production system Shingo helped design, averages twelve poka-yoke devices per machine in their manufacturing plants, thus validating the concept as beneficial to industry. Potential benefits are: pokayoke 1} elimination of set-up errors and improved quality 2} decreased set-up times with associated reduction in production time and improved production capacity. 3} simplified and improved housekeeping.increased safety 4} lower costs 5} lower skill requirements 6} increased production flexibility 7} improved operator attitudes. FULL PROOF PRODUCT FOR CUSTOMER / ASSEMBLY TEAM / OEM .