Ultrasonic plastic welding machines

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Ultrasonic plastic welding machines are frequently use for various type of application & component we are providing solution for plastic welding of components in which we build customized machines as per component requirement which helps our customer to improve proper bonding of component , product as per need ,. we can help you from designs phase for ultrasonically welded component there are some standard machine which are available for small component . please contact us for more information . The ultrasonic welding of plastics uses high frequency sound waves to create frictional heat between thermoplastic materials. The welding tool (Sonotrode) couples with the part to be welded and moves it in longitudinal direction. The part to be welded remains static. Now the parts to be welded are simultaneously pressed together, using pneumatic press. The simultaneous action of static and dynamic forces causes fusion of the parts. Localized friction heat is generated at the joint area creating a joint between two parts. This process happens in a very short period of time (Generally within seconds). The primary requirement is that both working pieces should have near equivalent melting point. The joint quality is very uniform because the energy transfer and the released internal heat are limited to joining area, which causes very strong joint. While designing the components to be welded together, the final shape of the joint can be decided by carefully designing the Horn (Sonotrode) Shape. Various types of horn can be designed as per need, however following are the most commonly used. Dome shaped Rosette shaped Knurled Applications of Ultrasonic Plastic Welding :- Automotive , House wares/ Appliances, Novelties, Computers/ Electricals/ Electronics, For More Info Visit :- http://www.vimalgroup.co.in/index.php/ultra-sonic-welding-machines RAHUL PATIL (07875509999} http://www.vimalgroup.co.in/ Vimal Industrial System Sr No 36/1/3/3 , Narhe -Ambegaon Road Narhe Industrial Area, Nare Gaon Tal Haveli Pune:- 411 041 Ph :- 020-65222253