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Vimalsonic Custom Machine automation. we at Vimalsonic assures your custom solution for your component assembly operation, yes automation implementation in every factory really reduce production time as well as rejection ratio. Vimalsonic is always there to a design concept with your aspect for full proof assembly of plastic, metal, electronics component which requires less monitoring and required quality results, we have developed so many custom machines for sectors like automotive home appliances, medical sector, Novelty, for various type of operations, on basis of different type of concept and project our team always innovate concepts for product to product , . our main aim in machines like Heat staking machine, hot plate welding machine, ultrasonic plastic welding machine, punching press, poka-yoke setups . to Reduce operator fatigue, by giving visual help also help the operator in loading unloading of component, standard operation height to reduce moments, operation pendent for the machine at visual distance for easy use , safety sensors for operator safety and free-flowing operation , password protection for supervisor level each shift production counter , to measure shift wise efficiency . simplified design machine to produce a quality product, with a specified cycle time and consistent results. we will also incorporate features required for manufacturing 4.0 for the machine if data required on cloud basis for each and every cycle, manufacturing 40 practices are incorporated on the basis of requirements company. we have already manufactured & supply machine all over India for various sectors and customs operation in assembly or joining of plastic components. we have also a developed a machine for PCB fixing with plastic parts. as well as a brass insertion in plastic, most of the car interior plastic parts assembly, joining, poka-yoke setups we have provided to automotive component manufacturers. if you have any doubts regarding various plastic part joining? like how 2 plastic component can weld? by which process we can weld two pars of the plastic component? how to design an mold for the post mold plastic joining process? or you need a solution to improve your assembly process, we are there to help and discuss for the same. kindly contact us on rahul@vimalgroup.co.in

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